Daniel Miramontes
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Heroic Dose is defined as a particular amount of a substance that when ingested results in a powerful and often life-changing experience. In this way, the goal of my work is to produce such transformative experiences for myself and others. Heroic Dose was created to illuminate emerging perspectives on the world through visual media. Visual media presents us with tools that create an experience capable of elucidating a spectrum of feelings and ideas. At its best, it is a way of approaching and manifesting the ineffable. Essentially the goal is the communication of ideas, altering of sense perceptions; when such correlations change, people change. I see media as the collective’s psyche made public. Humbly, what I believe I can offer is the cultivation of media flourishing in “nowness;” by responding to each project with intelligence, instinct, and awareness. Stemming from a place never responded from before, a place of genuine exploration.

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Current Show of work

With the current mercurial media climate, it is vital to be able to adapt. I present to you, my 2018 film reel.




 Daniel has more soul than a sock with a hole.