Maverick Crest

Cerulean gelatinous flowing life


coming out, not a-new

Ocean miles from home,

feels placed firm


engulfing drones escaping from shells,

disorientating horizons of home

opaque memory-a part of me


sound, carries it’s size.

an uncertain load

clinging to skin that no longer shines


searching for touch


it lives outside

it lives inside


with the simple crashing on itself,

a dance.


to feel what you feel,

to tickle,

with the unseen hand


what propels your life

reaching for the sky

the crest of the soul

a drop of the eternal self





discernible mass.

repose of souls


among mavericks,

the reaching reaching experience,

faces I will remember

their touch, our touch



unafraid of what it can become

at the edge of nothing


to be,

the emptiness of a whirlpool

so that it may exist

as soulmates


perceived end,

so that we may come back

time before is once again


eternal living

Moving, just keep moving

PoemDaniel Miramontesfor Apa