Shadows of Tomorrow

Shadows Of Tomorrow


“I do not pretend to understand the moral universe; the arc is a long one, my eye reaches but little ways; I cannot calculate the curve and complete the figure by the experience of sight; I can divine it by conscience. And from what I see I am sure it bends towards justice.” -Theodore Parker

Meaningful understanding through the exchange of ideas. Two people on different paths had a coherence of spacetime for a relatively small period of time; I am very grateful for it. This serendipitous meeting with my friend Jen Fedrizzi gave way to this project.

You see, I have moments where I let go a sigh that last for months. I get discouraged by the world around me, causing me to fear the future. I realize how awesomely stupid and weak people are, and at the same time I know how resilient and ingenious they can be. Paradoxical man, is rich in diversity of thought; which causes much conflict, but none the less a beautiful mosaic. I know that people can make the world a better place, we just have to actively choose that route when we come across the many forks of life.

Through this project I would like to create a discursive production that will undoubtedly offer me different perspectives and just maybe, offer a different view to others. I’m truly open to learn from people and revive the critical spirit in all who partake through the transparency that is conversation. At this point there are two questions in mind, but I might end up adding more as the project unfolds. The two main questions are on human nature and the perception of time. I do not claim to give solutions to these issues, but I hope to better understand them with the help of others.

Questions need to be asked and ideas need to be articulated, freedom does not exist if we don’t use it, silence is dangerous and will not bring about any change. The current issues that we face may seem to come from a medley of sources with out a quick fix or a discernible face to point at. This fractured appearance can overwhelm people, easily swaying them by the powerful currents of this maelstrom that is the mainstream of our society, ultimately creating an ambiguous population. Inching towards going completely Pop is this snot bubble that encapsulates the nihilism that is becoming punk, bad-ass, and cool; but can no longer be considered a viable option. The acquiescence of the dead-alive man is brought on by an artificial opiate “that is brought to you by our sponsors.” This raging river of Whatever culture maybe where life is, but I would like to go where life was, because there are many who still live there.This indecision does not resemble superior insight, it is simply a weak bit to true insight. To face life, that is the only productive path.You may disagree but have your reasons, and opinions based on gathered information; which is to care.

I’m not calling for constant fear, we have enough of that, what we need is constructive pressure. The creativity, love and curiosity of man has only fallen in the shadows, but its still there. My friend Emma Bornstein said it best,

“We must not be owned by the weight of the world and its problems, but embrace it and build from it, yet we should not live blissfully ignorant, we need to use this information to bring about a change, and create something positive.”

Time in our life is finite, we will all die one day although that day may not yet be clear. I feel that one of the most valuable gifts you can give to another person is to share your time with them. To choose to spend your finite time and attention with another human being is special in itself. I thank those in advance who allow me to bring my questioning to them, and for the time they allow me to spend with them. I hope to take realistic steps in the right direction, by removing myself from the grasps of willful blindness. I am looking to learn from others, because I believe in people. Our interconnected nature of the universe binds us.


Daniel Miramontes


“There are two ways to spread light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it”

-Edith Wharton