Midnight Mystery Ride

This was the first Midnight Mystery Ride I attended. Once a month at an undisclosed location; bike rats meet inches before midnight to mingle with their own. The location is not broadcasted until the day of the meeting. Then its a game of follow the leader and block the intersection, as we cruise like an unmovable force of water, as a wave that takes anything in its path. The moist fog in the air, comes as a blessing to the scorched thighs as we ride the Inception hills. An eerie and amazing zoo comes to life after dark. Riding the hills of of San Francisco after midnight, with only racoons as spectators to the flashing wheels and the purple hair. Now, lets do it again!

It all began here...

It all began here...

I was trying to ride and take photographs at the same time ....as you can see.

 More info at San Francisco's Midnight Mystery Ride

Daniel Miramontes