Shadows Of Tomorrow

Today's spacetime coherence is with

Jen, 24, from Planet Earth

I have to interrupt, and say that Jen is truly a lovely human being and a genuine artist. She sees rhythms yet unknown and gives herself to it. What more can you ask from an an artist or a human being?

Take a look at her work @

Q.  Tell me something about time. Anything regarding time, from predictions of the future, the present, things that we can learn from the past, or even about time itself.

J.  There is nothing more than the moment. Be present.

Q.  Do you believe in a positive outcome for mankind? And why?

J.   I don’t believe there is a positive outcome for mankind because I
think that mankind is destined to end eventually. The human race will
get wiped out eventually by some catastrophic event and maybe life will
begin again on earth in a different form. Maybe mankind will continue in
another place in the universe but in a different way than we know now.
Maybe a new species will become on earth after man is gone.

Q. I understand that all must come to an end. But do you believe that people will be the cause of their own demise? Do you see goodness in people, and can this help overall?

J.   In my own opinion, I think that mankind in our “civilized” society
are leading us to our own demise. We, as a whole, are moving forward
without mindfulness of what it is to work with our environment instead
of working on it. Now, I do see people with like minded views as this
working to “improve” this life in the idea of what they think is
“improvement” but I don’t think that we as humans really know how to
sustain our lives in the best possible manner.

Human prosperity can mean many things. Similar to the way success can have many different meanings.

If humans really did know the best possible way for us to live, would it be agreed upon by everyone? would there have been someone along the way that thinks the he knows a better way and therefore that leads man down a similar road we are on now?

For me, human prosperity would mean that the ultimate lifestyle
that works with nature to become “one” with it in the sense of
understanding that we are the most intelligent species, but not using it
to conquer other species or life (lions, birds, trees, water, air, etc.)
Using the knowledge we’ve gained to create truly sustainable and
compatible living environments for humans and all other life. Seeing how
our world is now, I don’t believe that the aforementioned ideal is

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