Shadows Of Tomorrow

-So why did you come to the United States?
*Well, I killed a man —
- -
*Ha ha ha, no!
I was a fucken Hippy; I did not listen to my father and just wanted to roam.

 Coherence of spacetime with

  Fernando Alarcon, 62, from Mazatlan, Mexico


Q.Do you believe in the possibility for a more prosperous mankind? If so what gives you hope?

F. No, prosperity is not possible, at least not for all. Prosperity will only be for those who go to school and for their kin. There are too many people living on earth. The earth will not last because the nuclear powers cause too many problems.

Q. Tell me something about time. Anything regarding time, from predictions of the future, the present, things that we can learn from the past. Or even about time itself.

F. I believe in the bible and I believe that the future holds hunger, because there is no rain. That is to say that the weather is changing, animals are acting strange; something is happening.


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