As usual the air is filled with traffic, this is Los Angeles. Headed towards the Echos of  Echo Park, and its Halloween night and we are about to be immersed up to the head in Pond. This classic Aussie mash-up of psychedelia and dont give a fuck attitude is what we have come to know as POND.

Pockets bulging and minds full of questions, hipsters linger by the door, the show is completely sold out. Sprinkled throughout the cavernous venue I catch glimpses of the bandmembers; they try their best to be incognito with Halloween costumes, unfortunately for them; this is LA and most people are to cool to dress up for the occasion. They stick out like a sore thumb dipped in a pot of drag fairy dust.

If Pond was a person it would be Tame Impala’s cousin that rocks out in the neighbor's garage, or at midnight backyard debauchery filled parties, conducent to end until the cops come in. We love them just the same and remind everyone that it is Tame Impala that is their cousin; as if there was a particular direction to this thing. I spoke with Shiny Joe, in regards to a possible regrouping of Mink Mussel Creek, unfortunately there are no current plans to revive that particular manifestation of Australian Psych.

They Killed It! And they had the blood stained dresses to prove it. An amazing show for all senses, my ears screamed for more, and my eyes refrained from seizuring from such radiant colors, that I’m sure only a synesthete would of perceived as normal.

Limbs and instruments fly over the crowd, and I realize the crowd surfing had begun, a bittersweet realization that the end was near. The band ended the night in a medley of color and sound. Out we went to the luke warm Southern California night, with all the freaks, and under-dressed geeks.

The freaks that were dressed up, hung around to try and catch a last glimpse of the band, and others hung around and tried to take home a freak or two.