A False Separation

When imposing separateness, cohabitation is out of the question for modern man aimed at conquering instead of understanding. Compartmentalization and a scene of control, exchanged to ease the uncertainty and masking of possibilities. "No parking" the word of man, ruled by a narrow scope. From a distance I believed both to hold their own, the law of man and force of nature.

L1001849 false separation small B.jpg

Only to look closer and realize it has always been nature supporting any form of man, any form of conscious thought no matter how grand. Or is the realization of man's atrophy upon the world that he has come out of.

Our feet pacing on the ever present horizon. To debate what is happening is of no use without action, if we are to question we must question how to take the coming changes. No superior ideology, class or complexion can exist if eyes are closed to this.