: Elisa is dancing after a long day of constructing houses for the needy. The houses will provide shelter to 200 families.

This is Jenna and her sister is near by, I think her name is Debra. Debra is packing heat inside her Hyundai.


Andy in south central Los Angeles waiting for his dinner at 4 am. His plate consists of an omelet with hash browns on the side.


The World Is Your Body

Eric only uses his power for justice.


The Beard, a new #Oculus attachment only $99.95** [Orange Haired motherfucker not included**]

Daniel prefers to sit near a precipice, the view of the crashing waves soothes everything around. Small birds get chased by the waves as they come to shore.


Arthur looks at a broken window from which he is borrowing a bottle of vodka to mix with his coca cola. A drink without any embellishments, just straight to the point.

Pietro looking at a bug trying to decide on it’s name. Lenard or Phil, both seem suitable.